Industry Expertise

Our team has direct experience across the following industries:
– Information Technology
– Healthcare
– Banking
– Insurance
– Consumer Packaged Goods
– Engineering Automation
– Manufacturing


Lead Generation

We spend a lot of time upfront customizing an inside sales process for your products or service and your market. Every industry has its unique qualities, and every company has its unique positioning within that industry. We work with you to understand the market and your positioning within that market, to define the sales goals, determine the target prospects, and establish the messaging, We also define specific metrics and expectations for our team.

This upfront process guides us in identifying, reaching, and scheduling appointments for your sales team.

Our next step is to put our team together, provide training, set expectations, and go to market to find qualified leads for you.

And we understand what a qualified lead is: A decision maker in your target market that wants more information about your product or service.

Our inside sales team will partner directly with your sales team. Our team will take the burden of cold calling, upfront emailing, and appointment setting from your team. And our team will deliver qualified leads with appointments. Your sales team can focus on what is important to them: developing the relationship and closing the deal.


Sales Consulting

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive sales strategy, successful sales techniques, tips on sales prospecting, or ways to get the most out of your sales training programs, our sales expertise will provide you the knowledge you need to take your sales team to the next level.

We will study your current sales strategy and structure.  We work with you and your sales team to develop realistic goals and implement tactics that will successfully attain those goals. As we develop a step-by-step guide to take your sales team to the next level, our focus will be on RESULTS:

– Increased revenues
– Increased market share
– Higher customer retention levels
– Increased sales per customer
– Shorter sales cycles
– Higher employee satisfaction and retention